Meet The Hose Mule®

Hands Down the most advanced Lay Flat Hose Retrieval System on the market today!

A Product of Baker Fabrication L.L.C., Lorena TX

Baker Fabrication L.L.C., is a family owned business. We have been manufacturing hose retrieval systems since 2006. The company is owned and operated by Clint Baker a career firefighter with the City of Temple Fire & Rescue. Driver Engine-3 and a former volunteer with the Lorena VFD for over 15 years.  As both a career and volunteer firefighter, Mr. Baker saw a need for a device to reload LDH and the Hose Mule was born. Baker Fabrication has now developed a complete line hose retrieval systems from 2-1/2” hose to 12” hose for volunteer, municipal, military and industrial fire departments. These units are in service with fire departments across the globe.


Meet Clint Baker

Keep in touch with us for the latest news, updates and schedules where you can see the The Hose Mule in action and meet Clint in person at a trade show or expo near you.

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